One state Many worlds. There is much for Karnataka to boast about. From stone-sculpture splendors to forest sanctuaries, from ancient heritage sites to wonders of nature, from the beautiful coastline to the depths of green wilderness, from man-made mega structures to waterfalls that roar to the high skies -- Karnataka hosts every kind of scenic beauty.For any intrepid traveler, the vast expanse of Karnataka offers surprises galore in its every twist and turn.

The hill stations of Chickmagalur and Kodagu; the Uttara Kannada district, which is beautifully adorned with the jewels of mountains and forests; the North Karnataka region with its fertile black soil and expansive scenic plains;Hampi, which stands as a symbol of our historical grandeur and glory; the incessant flow of the awe-inspiring Sharavathi river;the annual Dasara celebration at the Mysore royal palace;and the lapping of waves along its charming coastline complete the picture of beautiful Karnataka.

All these parts of Karnataka match the awe and beauty of the Seven Wonders of the World. Kannada Prabha and Asianet Suvarna News are embarking upon the crucial campaign of recognizing and saluting these wonders of Karnataka. We have started the process of identifying and noting the Seven Wonders of Karnataka to present these gems to the entire world. We are calling this mega exercise, simply The 7 Wonders of Karnataka.

From The Great Wall of China to India's Taj Mahal, the Seven Wonders of the World are before us to see and appreciate. It is a perfect time now to identify, recognize and applaud the Seven Wonders of Karnataka. Join hands with us in this mega search of a lifetime. Look for the most wondrous places in your district, your village, and even in your backyard. Participate in this historic exercise.

Come let's pin down the Seven Wonders of Karnataka.

Right from the time we wake up to the time that we close our eyes to rest for the night, we capture countless visuals through the mind’s eye. Amongst all the various visuals that the eye can see, only a few spectacular images stay on in the mind, creating an impression. We use memory to re-live this visual repeatedly because it brings us joy. The image is a source of deep contentment to us.It is exactly what we talk of when we say: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’

Kannada Prabha and Asianet Suvarna News have jointly embarked on the colossal task of identifying the visuals that have brought you immense happiness. We are doing this by pinning down the Seven Wonders of Karnataka. We need your support to bring only the very best to the top of the list. We want to ensure that the joy that you experienced is shared with the rest of the world.

It could be a natural wonder, a heritage site, a man-made marvel;or it could be an awe-inspiring place carrying much hope; it could be lesser-known beautiful secrets from your backyard that not many are aware of. If you know of such places that inspire creativity, beauty, and joy, then you must participate in this search. You may nominate the places that you think are worthy of being on top of the prestigious list. Who knows, your nomination may make it to the list of the 7 Wonders of Karnataka.

Come, tell us about the places that merit a spot among the best places of Karnataka – the Seven Wonders. Let us join hands and find the Seven Wonders of Karnataka.

Ramesh Aravind, actor

1. The campaign will be in 3 phases

2. Phase 1 will be call for nomination which will be open for public for 30 days to send their nomination details

3. Visit our website share your details and nominate your choice for the Seven Wonders of Karnataka with a photograph.

4. Phase 2 will be voting, The prejury team will have 100 wonders selected from the nominations received and listed in the website which will be open to public for 30 days to vote their favorite wonder

5. Phase 3 will be voting (second round). The prejury team will shortlist top 49 wonders from the 100 entries and will be open for public for 30 days to vote their favorite wonder

6. After Voting for 49 wonders, Top 21 will be selected

7. Expert panel will evaluate shortlisted 21 wonders based on the following 7 factors & finalize the Top 7 Wonders of Karnataka:-

1. Historic factor

2. Making, Material & Substance factor

3. State representation factor

4. Uniqueness and iconic factor

5. Beauty & Aesthetics factor

6. Mammothness factor

7. Maintenance factor

8. All updates will be notified on website, Asianet Suvarna News channel and Kannada Prabha newspaper.


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